9 EGGS - The Collection


9 EGGS - The Collection, Book Cover

9 EGGS-The Collection is a sumptuous journey through an incredible collection of sculptural objet d'art. A visual feast showcasing the series of nine intricate sculptures, by Milwaukee Artist/Author Ben A Starks, 44 pages, lushly photographed in vibrant detail. 

Readers can immerse themselves in artist Ben A Starks' thought-provoking narrative that unfolds around each intricately crafted egg sculpture. The book invites readers to explore the connections between art and literature, as Starks effortlessly weaves his tales around the symbolic significance of each egg. The stories offer a glimpse into the artist's creative process, making this collection a true testament to the power of multidisciplinary storytelling.

From the inception of each sculpture to the pages of his book, Mr. Starks has created a harmonious fusion that resonates with art enthusiasts, literature lovers, and curious minds alike.

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