9 EGGS - The Collection reflects the profound impact of an artistic vision and fine craftsmanship. Rooted in the elemental ovoid form, these nine sculptures are imbued with historic symbolism and mythology.

Inspired by Peter Carl Fabergé, the artist embarks on a personal odyssey into multimedia sculpture. These pieces are more than beauty; they are elusive dreams, inviting viewers into a realm where beauty exists for its own sake.

Believing in the profound relationship between beauty and the human spirit, crafting beautiful objects is not merely an artistic pursuit; it is a way of life. Living with beautiful objects becomes a form of daily poetry, an inspiration to seek and appreciate the exquisite in the everyday.

Meticulously fashioned, each piece exudes opulence, unveiling a realm of intricate detail and wonder. Unearthing hidden beauty in up-cycled and re-purposed objects, the artist seeks to kindle wonder and delight in miniature scale.

Utilizing a diverse array of curated materials and embracing the skills of jeweler, restorer, engineer, and designer, the artist creates and re-fashions individual elements. Through their intricate layering, discarded treasures assemble into sculptures, each with their own story and personality.

Viewers are invited to delve into the intricate details, experiencing the dual sensation of zooming in and out, and discovering both the individual elements and the cohesive whole. Witness the ordinary transformed into the magnificent.

Each sculpture stands in its own luminous aura, forging through the unique connection between artist and artifact. 

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