Overwhelming The Eye With Splendor, The Chalice Gives Off A Radiant Glow, 

As If Proudly Displayed On A Candlelit Cathedral Altar

St Nikolas Chalice Egg
St Nikolas Chalice Cross
St Nikolas Chalice Clasp
St Nikolaos Chalice Surprise

This golden chalice unites objects based on several eras into one splendid glittering object.

An elaborate jeweled Renaissance* cross crowns the golden egg. Set with an icon of St Nikolaos of Myra (the historical basis for Father Christmas and Santa Claus) and a carved sterling-silver medallion bearing the message CSSML-NDSMD**. 

Supporting the cross from below, the inverted egg chalice is sheathed in gold leaf, encircled with intricate metalwork, and encrusted with hundreds of pavé-set brilliants. The chalice rests on a gold jeweled disc evoking the paten used to offer the communion host.

A spectacular jeweled star-burst mounted with a Baroque* gold escutcheon serves as the striking clasp. The clasp is adorned with a magnificent cerulean-blue, 14-carat emerald-cut paste jewel above a glittering 10-carat pear-shaped drop. Finally, the egg is mounted on an intricate gold-leafed Rococo* base.

Opening the chalice reveals a detailed mythical St Nikolaos Cathedral in miniature. The cathedral is mounted on a blazing corona of golden rays resting on a cut lead-crystal base encircled with brilliants.

INSPIRATION: The sacristies of European cathedrals and the vast accumulation of gold work, residing in their treasuries.

ST NIKOLAOS CHALICE EGG: H: 14.25 in / 36.20 cm, W: 4.25 in / 10.80 cm, WT: 4.53 lbs / 2.05 kg

CATHEDRAL SURPRISE: H: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm, W: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm

MATERIALS: 1,153 Man-Made Pearls, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Gold and Silver Leaf, Enamel, Brass, Sterling Silver, Cut Lead-Crystal, and Icons 

2023  $8,900.00

*Striving to emulate historical pieces, elements from different eras were combined to demonstrate how gold works evolved over time. Religious articles were often remodeled with additions of larger jewels, icons, or additional gems donated by wealthy royal patrons searching for salvation.

**Abbreviated from the Latin, “May the holy cross be my light, May, the dragon never be my overlord".

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