An 18th Century French Balloon Takes First Flight, 

Bound For The Clouds, Leaving The Crowd Below Awestruck

Cloud Bound Egg
Cloud Bound Egg w/o Stand
Cloud Bound Kiosk
Cloud Bound Kiosk Tickets

A cobalt-blue and clear-cut-crystal balloon tethered to the earth glistens in the sun, longing for the freedom of the sky above. 

An elegant gold and custard glass base supports a crystal pillar set in an ornate mounting of jeweled enamel with gem-set clawed feet. The faceted lead-crystal pillar, filled with streaming air bubbles, balances the balloon high off the ground. 

From the eagle, at the pinnacle of the balloon, fine golden cables encircle the balloon, where blue enamel bunting, set with brilliants, hangs languidly waiting for a passing breeze. Gold ormolu garlands studded with jewels festoon the balloon, throwing flashing glints of blue and gold.

A Baroque gold-work gondola hangs from cables securely wrapped around three golden stanchions. The gondola is encrusted with round, pavé-set brilliants that glitter discreetly from behind the open metalwork. Woven golden ropes mounted in sterling silver swing freely from each stanchion. 

Nearby a Parisian-style kiosk is selling tickets for the maiden flight. The gilded booth is accented with pavé-set brilliants and inset silver filigree mounted on an elegant polished onyx base. 

Two sapphire baguette “tickets” can be glimpsed on the golden counter, promising the bold adventurer an experience of a lifetime.

INSPIRATION: The flight of the Montgolfier Brothers Globe Aérostatique, Kingdom of France, 1783.

CLOUD BOUND EGG: H: 10.00 in / 25.40 cm, W: 4.50 in / 11.43 cm. WT: 5.28 lbs / 2.40 kg

EGG on STAND:  H: 19.00 in / 48.26 cm

TICKET KIOSK SURPRISE: H: 4.25 in / 10.79 cm, W: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm

MATERIALS: 2,007 Man-Made Sapphires, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Gold & Silver Leaf, Enamel, Brass, Gold Chain, Sterling Silver, Cut Lead-Crystal, Onyx, and Glass.

2023  $9,800.00

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