Created Perhaps, As A Gift For The Mughal Emperors Of India,

A Bejeweled Peacock Crowns The Object, His Spectacular Plumage On Display

Mughal Peacock Egg
Mughal Peacock Egg, Open
Mughal Peacock Finial
Mughal Peacock Egg, Surprise

With flashing jeweled eyes, a magnificent peacock rests upon an ornate cobalt-blue enameled egg. 

The up-swept tail rises in tiers of blue, red, gold, and silver from a spectacular 135-carat cushion-cut gem, resembling the sparkling eye of an Indian temple god. Cloisonné enamel and jeweled feathers set in gold and silver unfold in waves, cresting to a vivid blue 11-carat round solitaire and pearl lozenge finial.

Draped in gold-work garlands and bezel-set brilliants, the guilloche-enameled egg boasts a magnificent clasp. 

The clasp glitters with baguettes encircling a sapphire-blue 15-carat oval solitaire, highlighted by 7 sapphire-blue jewels

Reminiscent of an Indian pouf, green curvaceous marble rests on golden feet, providing an exotic pedestal for the bejeweled ornament. It is trimmed in gold wreaths with a golden center medallion, mounted with a sapphire-blue and jewel encircled with brilliants and baguettes.

The egg opens to reveal a bejeweled green marble egg nestled in a blue silken cocoon. Echoing the peacock tail feather, a brilliant 6-carat sapphire-blue “eye,” surrounded by pavé-set brilliants, adorns the egg. 

When removed from its nest, a single golden feather rises from the egg with a matching sapphire jeweled eye. The egg and feather are displayed on a gold and cerulean-blue cut lead-crystal stand.

INSPIRATION: The Peacock Throne of the Mughal Empire. Built at twice the cost of the entire Taj Mahal.

MUGHAL PEACOCK EGG: H: 14.50 in / 36.83 cm, W: 5.00 in / 12.70 cm, WT: 5.15 lbs / 2.34 kg

PEACOCK EGG SURPRISE: H: 2.50 in / 6.35 cm, L: 4.50 in / 11.43 cm

MATERIALS: 925 Man-Made Pearls, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Gold Leaf, Enamel, Marble, Brass, and Silk.

2023  $8,400.00

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