Capturing The Very Moment That Fertile Spring Reaches Its Zenith,

Flowers, Foliage, Insects, And Animals Bask In The Warm Sunshine

Softly Spring Egg
Softly Spring Egg Open
Softly Spring Egg, Surprise 1
Softly Spring Egg, Surprise 2

A soft sky-blue enameled egg, wrapped in a pierced golden net, set with flashing pink and yellow gems, offers up a pageant of springtime.

Drawn by the seductive scent, a 14K gold-filled and blue enameled honey bee pauses on its upward quest to serve as the egg clasp. 

Crowning the egg, a creamy blue hand-enameled blossom is nestled among gilded leaves. The fiery yellow jewel center entices the pollinators with the promise of sweet nectar. 

The egg balances delicately on a richly enameled gold and cut-crystal pedestal, supported by a polished onyx and gold-leafed base.

Opening the egg reveals the surprise, a brilliant bouquet of jeweled flowers with hand-blown emerald-green glass leaves set into a tiny bejeweled golden urn. 

When removed from the egg, the arrangement is displayed on a cut lead-crystal and gold plinth filled with hundreds of brilliants. 

Removing the egg and the stand reveals a secret second surprise.

Lush green enamel lily pads and jeweled water lilies float on an azure pond. The pond is the domain of an elegant enameled frog. Sparkling with bright jewels, he has been caught sunning himself on a lily pad.

INSPIRATION: An elegant 14K gold-filled honey bee brooch with blue enameled wings.

SOFTLY SPRING EGG: H: 8.75 in / 22.50 cm, W: 5.00 in / 12.70 cm, WT: 3.88 lbs / 1.76 kg

BOUQUET, SURPRISE 1: H: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm, w Base: 4.50 in /11.43 cm

LILY POND, SURPRISE 2: W: 2.00 in / 5.00 cm

MATERIALS: 1,481 Man-Made Sapphires, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Gold Leaf, Enamel, Cut Lead-Crystal, Onyx, and Brass.

2023  $8,600.00

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