A Glittering Fantasy Of Birds, Butterflies, And Bees

All Making Their Homes, In A Dazzling Bejeweled Egg

Pink Jewel Box Egg
Pink Jewel Box Egg, Detail
Pink Jewel Box. Top View

Golden branches strewn with fragrant blooms, entice an array of winged creatures to the magnificent egg.

A glittering pink jeweled bird with a long trailing tail alights for a moment. Nearby, a tiny silver bird tends her precious pearl eggs in their green enamel nest while a butterfly and honey bees dart among flowers sprinkled with gems and pearls. 

At the pinnacle, golden twigs balance a pink bloom blushed with gold as it unfolds to reveal a brilliant jeweled center, attracting a single golden honey bee.

Resting elegantly on a carved Carrara marble pillar, the silver-leafed and pink enamel egg is richly wreathed with laurel leaves, pavé-set with brilliants. 

The elegant clasp, composed of golden ribbon tied in a bow, is set with a dazzling emerald-green 3-carat jewel surrounded by brilliants. The slightly opened jewel box reveals an intriguing glimpse of undulating gold, suggesting the surprise hidden inside.

Opening the egg reveals a fuchsia stiletto balanced on a spiraled gold stage. The toe displays an intricate Venetian carnivàle mask.

Balanced on top of the heel is the raison d'etre for creating the PINK Jewel Box: an exquisite pink 12-carat pear-shaped solitaire ring. A gift for a friend who adores pink.

INSPIRATION: A pink 12-carat solitaire ring. A gift for a lady who adores the color PINK.*

PINK JEWEL BOX EGG: H: 10.63 in / 26.99 cm, W: 5.00 in / 12.07 cm, WT: 5.71 lbs / 2.59 kg

STILETTO/RING SURPRISE: H: 2.00 in / 5.08 cm, W: 3.00 in / 7.62 cm

MATERIALS: 736 Man-Made Pearls, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Silver Leaf, Enamel, Mother-of-Pearl, Marble, and Brass.

2023   *This is the only egg in the collection that no longer belongs to the artist. Created as a gift, it contains several hidden messages and surprises known only to the artist and the recipient. It is featured on this website with the kind permission of the owner.

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