Like A Scene From A Fairy Tale, A Single Jeweled Rose Blossom

Imprisoned In Icy Crystal, Captured In Full Bloom, For Eternity

Arctic Rose Egg
Arctic Rose Egg Opened
Arctic Rose Egg Top View
Arctic Rose Surprise

Glimpses of an ice-bound bloom can be seen through the facets of the cut lead-crystal dome, crowning the winter-blue enameled egg. 

Encrusted with garlands of sparkling brilliants (colorless cut Swarovski crystals) and leafed in silver, the frigid conservatory is clasped by a magnificent 11-carat bezel-set gem surrounded by round brilliants.

The egg balances on an elegant green Neo-Classic marble plinth, ornamented with silver ormolu and jeweled snowflakes, featuring a glittering 7-carat princess-cut jewel. 

Then, like an iceberg drifting endlessly in a polar sea, a heavy solid cut lead-crystal base completes the spectacle. 

When the egg is opened, the Arctic Rose is revealed: a gem-set blossom rooted in an elegant silver and mother-of-pearl snowflake. 

The rose is nestled in a depression of glacial-blue cut-crystal, backed with pavé-set brilliants, frozen forever in perfect bloom.

When the Arctic Rose is removed from the egg, it is displayed on an icy silvered-crystal pedestal adorned with flashing snowflakes.

INSPIRATION: A vintage 1930s rose blossom brooch set in silver, recreated as the Arctic Rose Surprise.

ARCTIC ROSE EGG: H: 11.75 in / 29.85 cm, W: 5.50 in / 13.97 cm, WT: 8.30 lbs / 3.77 kg

ARCTIC ROSE SURPRISE: H: 4.75 in / 12.07 cm

MATERIALS: 1,342 Man-Made Pearls, Cubic Zirconia, Swarovski, and Paste Gems.

Silver Leaf, Enamel, Mother-of-Pearl, Cut Lead-Crystal, Marble, and Brass.

2023  $9,600.00

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