Flower-Covered Silver Trellises Of Flowers Perfume The Air Around A Crystal Cage,

The Beguiled Captive Butterflies Make A Dash For Freedom,

Leaving The Enclosure Empty And Abandoned

The Escape Egg
The Escape Egg, Top
The Escape Egg, Detail 1
The Escape Egg, Detail 2
The Escape Egg, Detail 3
The Escape Egg, Detail 4
The Escape Egg, Detail 5

A kaleidoscope of jeweled and enameled butterflies creates a rainbow facade of wings, above the silver and gold flora. 

These jewels of nature revel in their freedom by sampling nectar from an array of jeweled blossoms twining around silver trellises. 

Caterpillars, ladybugs, dragonflies, and honeybees are busy beneath a canopy of fluttering wings. A fleeting glance at this frenetic scene may leave you convinced that you see brief flickers of movement. 

The crystal egg is crowned by a lush rose blossom, a delicate butterfly feeding on it. The sparkling rose petals are pavé-set with brilliants around a magnificent canary-yellow 158-carat trillion-cut jewel.

A creamy camellia blossom with a sparkling topaz center and vivid green leaves drape languidly over the intricate gold and crystal base. A ladybug skitters on a leaf drawn downward by a heavy drop of jeweled dew. 

The base, glittering with pavé-set brilliants seen through the Baroque scrolled fret-work, rests on a latticed cut-crystal drum with golden dolphin feet. 

This surprise for this piece cannot be revealed by opening the crystal egg. 

The nine escaped butterflies ARE the surprise.

INSPIRATION: Butterfly enclosures that showcase captive butterflies for public viewing.*

THE ESCAPE EGG: H: 14.00 in / 48.26 cm, W: 7.50 in / 11.43 cm, WT: 6.66 lbs / 3.02 kg


MATERIALS: 2,820 Man-Made Pearls, Topaz, Cubic Zirconia, and Paste Gems.

Gold & Silver Leaf, Enamel, Brass, Sterling Silver, and Cut Lead-Crystal.

2023  $9,600.00

*The artist is opposed to caging any animal for exhibition.

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